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Axiom Pro V5 Series


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The new Axiom Precision AutoRoute PROV5 Series of CNC routers offers all of the great features you’ve come to know and love from our Pro+ series of machines but adds increased holding torque with 48V stepper motors, an improved cooling system, and higher spindle performance thanks to an upgraded VFD.

The new PRO also has a fresh new look.

These new Axiom CNC machines are now stronger, faster, and easier to maintain than ever before.

The updated PRO series offers 4-axis capability, powerful electro spindle performance, and rotary machining capability in a compact industrial machine.

Our PRO series CNC routers provide a full 6.5'' of gantry clearance and a quiet yet powerful 3HP electro-spindle with integrated liquid cooling system.

Each PRO series machine is also prewired to accept our optional Rotary Kit.

The Axiom AutoRoute PRO Series CNC routers also offer precision ball screws, prismatic guides, a robust steel frame, and interlocking aluminum table.

In addition, the integrated MDF spoil boards provide the exacting precision you need as they can easily be milled flat for a true perpendicular surface to the spindle.

Choose from three footprint options:

• 24” x 24”,

• 24” x 36”

• 24” x 48”

There is no need to attach your CNC router to your computer to operate it. Simply transfer your file to the handheld controller via USB storage device. The handheld RichAuto B18 controller is a powerful, lightweight and easy to use controller with over a decade of proven results in demanding applications.

These machines ship directly to your shop for $399. (Residential & lift-gate delivery services included)

Additional shipping charges may apply for any orders shipped outside the lower 48 states. Contact us for quote.
X axis travel 24" (610mm)
Y axis travel AR4 = 24.1" (610mm)
AR6 = 35.82 (910mm)
AR8 = 47.63" (1210mm)
Z axis travel 5.9" (150mm)
C axis travel 360deg
Table work area AR4 = 28.4" x 39"
AR6 = 28.4" x 51"
AR8 = 28.4" x 63"
Spindle Configuration ER20
Included Collets 1/4" & 1/2"
Electro Spindle 2.2KW
Spindle speed 0~24000 RPM
Rapid shuttle speed 300 IPM (5 MPM)
Precision Linear Guideway X/Y/Z
Precision Ball Screw X/Y/Z
Ball Screw Diameter 16mm
Resolution+/- .00393" (0.10mm)
Power requirements 220 V,50~60 Hz, 10A, 1-Phase
Working Table High rigidity Aluminum Extrusion
Gantry bridge High rigidity Aluminum Extrusion
Gantry Supports Aluminum alloy gravity cast
Gantry Clearance (from table) 6.5" (165.1mm)
Gantry Clearance (from mdf spoil board) 5.5" (139.7mm)
Machine Base All Welded Steel
Frame Machine Dimensions AR4 = 39.17"L x 37.36"W x 30.27"H
AR6 = 51.18"L x 37.36"W x 30.27"H
AR8 = 62.99"L x 37.36"W x 30.27"H
Shipping Dimensions AR4 = 42"L x 39"W x 33"H
AR6 = 53"L x 39"W x 33"H
AR8 = 65"L x 39"W x 33"H
Shipping Weight AR4 = 320 lbs
AR6 = 360 lbs
AR8 = 405 lbs
Tool Touch-Off Device Included
Onboard Cooling System Included
ControllerRichauto B18 DSP 4-Axis Controller
CNC motion control system
USB port for easy file transfer.
Language Support English / Chinese
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Customer Reviews

Wonderful Machine Review by Robert
I have had this for five years, and it remains solid and efficient.

If I were younger, I would definitely order the large 48x48 machine to make cabinet components. - But I am retired now!

Thank you, Axiom; your machines are the best!! (Posted on 2/4/2023)
Love this Machine Review by Phillip
I looked at several other machines before finding this one. After comparing them the AR8 Pro was a no Brainer. I've had it for a few years now and all I can say is this thing is amazing. The only other thing as amazing is the customer service. Buy it and you will not be disappointed. (Posted on 11/29/2022)
Great machine Review by Gary
Have had it two years amazing machine 0 problems great support (Posted on 8/20/2022)
Great machine. Incredible support. Review by George
I was new to CNC and so did an extensive amount of research and evaluation before I purchased my V5PRO. I had friends, who were machinist, look at the specs of the Axiom vs the competition and all agreed it was superior. But what convinced me were the comments I read on the owners’ forum about the support. After nearly 2 years I am very pleased with my choice. And the support from Chad has been over-the-top. Every call has resulted in a better understanding of the machine and appreciation for its ability. (Posted on 7/10/2022)
Early Review, but I think I'm going to love it Review by Craigo
I spent maybe 6 months making a decision on which CNC to purchase for our new sign business. I went to Rockler to make my purchase with my wife. She actually talked me up from a Shark, saying that if I was serious about this CNC thing, to go ahead and spend the extra now. I am glad I did. The precision at which this thing is built is amazing. Everything fits like a pair of custom boots. It is rock solid. The only thing holding me back is me. The controller isn't what I would consider "intuitive", but everything you need is there at your fingertips. Be warned, this thing is HEAVY, and unless you have room at your house for a 53' trailer to back up to your garage, you need to plan out the delivery. Fedex could only get 2 blocks from my house, so I had to go to a nearby business an pay to use their forklift to carry it the last 2 blocks. The total shipping weight was over 750#. I got mine pretty loaded with extras. The CNC itself is well over 400#. Someone how a friend, myself, and my wife got mine on the stand. (Posted on 6/30/2021)
Great machine for the money Review by Bill T. ATX Woodcrafts
I purchased my AR8 from Axiom about 2 years ago. The first machine had problems right off due to damage during shipping. Axiom was very quick to realize that the machine needed to be replaced and they did so quickly. The replacement machine has worked flawlessly for 2 years now. I have around 2000 hours on the machine and it has performed extremely well with routine maintenance. I only work with wood and make a lot of 3d carvings that take up to 20+ hours to cut. Never been a problem with heat or precision during the cut. Amazing CNC for the price. (Posted on 5/28/2021)
Excellent fit and finish Review by Kevin
Received my AR6 Pro V5 and I am just amazed at how well everything went together. Not a single tapped hole needed to be chased and was amazed at the tight tolerance. Its a heavy machine and was amazed all the bolts went in without effort on an assembled frame. Machine works beautifully. I would recommend including a flashdrive as I’m having to wait for delivery of drive from a third party. (Posted on 4/20/2021)
FIRST Robotics Teams Review by Andrew Donley
I want to start this off by saying thank you to the team at Axiom! I am a High School Robotics coach for all 3 major High School Robotics platforms: VEX, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC). We needed a solid CNC Router that could handle high volume and still have a high level of precision.

So, when shopping around I found that there are 3 suppliers that most FRC go with: Omio, Inventables, and Velox. With all three I could foresee some issues, the Omio would have gantry flex, and the other two would more than likely have spindle lifespan issues. So, I kept looking and found Axiom, I called and spoke with Steve who suggested that I move from the basic model to the pro model due to the intermittent high volume that the teams would have during build seasons. With a little extra grant money, I was able to upgrade and I am glad that I did. The primary reason why is the liquid cooled spindle that will ensure a long life even under the boom-bust type of production that a robotics team has during build season. We ended up getting the AR6 Pro V5 due to the extended 36” bed, which by flipping long parts gives us a total of 6 feet (more than we normally need).

I also want to mention the customer service that I have received, at every interaction they have been honest and fair. I haven’t had any problems reaching out for help and the operation of the machine has been flawless. I do wish that there was a little more information readily available online regarding operation, but after a conversation with my students we have decided to make some instructional videos soon.

Andrew Donley, MS
Biology Teacher and Robotics Coach
Osbourn Park High School
FRC 2068 “The Metal Jackets”
USMC Veteran (Posted on 2/7/2021)
Very Pleased Review by Scott Meese
I own the AR8 and have been very happy. I have had it about a year (I hate reviews from people who just opened the box). I did have minor issues, but as you can see from the "Stars" above did not negatively impact my impression. Actually they helped due to the excellent customer support from Axiom (Chad). My unit had a crack in the cooling tank when I unpacked it (something in shipping I guess), I called and they sent a replacement which I had within a couple days. It was an easy swap out so no problem. I also had an issue with the dust shoe not holding as well as I would have liked. Called Axiom and found out the pins are not glued and they just needed pushed out a touch so they contacted the magnets better. Easy fix. Lastly, I screwed up (complete user error doing what I had no business doing, and wiped out some of the base programing for Axiom machines, they emailed me a file with the correct data and I was up and running again in under 30 minutes.
The machine itself has produced excellent results and learning how to operate the machine and software was pretty easy to do. This had been a concern of mine but it was far easier than I had imagined.
(Posted on 1/13/2021)
Best "entry-level" machine available Review by Chris
I'm not sure why this is listed as an entry-level machine. This is so far beyond what any of the other small CNC options have I upgraded to the Axiom from another brand and have been nothing by impressed with every aspect of it. It's built like a tank and has all the features to match. There is little to no vibration during fast cuts and it has more than doubled my production and quality of the parts coming off the machine.

Shortly after getting mine, I had to re-run a part that got lost in shipping for a customer. I changed the feeds and speeds, then saved them to the new file format. What took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to cut out before, was done in less than an hour and a half with my PRO V5. The bulk of that was using a 1/8" tapered ballnose on a 3D carving.

I don't like writing reviews without throwing in something negative. That's tough to do here, but if I had to find something, maybe a couple of different features in the controller and readouts be listed in imperial. I hate conversions! As much as I hate conversions, I absolutely LOVE my new CNC.

Chris Smith
Christcross Crafts (Posted on 4/29/2020)

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