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APPB1X - B11/B18 Pendant Protector

APPB1X - B11/B18 Pendant Protector

Product Review (submitted on November 15, 2020):
This protective casing is JUST WHAT'S NEEDED for that sensitive pendant controller. That pendant is a piece of electronic gear, which (like an expensive cell phone, laptop, etc.) would not be impervious to breakage, due to the event of a fall, or a drop. Having something to protect against resulting suffrages of such mentioned conditions means much, indeed. The $99 that I paid for my pendant case was, at first, a but much to swallow. But, after learning of how much a replacement pendant (in the event of my pendant being dropped, and broken) would hit my pocket for, I saw it as a no-brainer to get it. So, I did. I still take precautions with my pendant, because that's just ME. But I can rest assured that my pendant WOULD be protected against the, otherwise, damages of a fall - in the event that I DID drop it. A new Axiom pendant costs more than $600. So, $99 for protection - of same, makes very good sense.