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Axiom Pro V5 Series

Axiom Pro V5 Series

Product Review (submitted on January 13, 2021):
I own the AR8 and have been very happy. I have had it about a year (I hate reviews from people who just opened the box). I did have minor issues, but as you can see from the "Stars" above did not negatively impact my impression. Actually they helped due to the excellent customer support from Axiom (Chad). My unit had a crack in the cooling tank when I unpacked it (something in shipping I guess), I called and they sent a replacement which I had within a couple days. It was an easy swap out so no problem. I also had an issue with the dust shoe not holding as well as I would have liked. Called Axiom and found out the pins are not glued and they just needed pushed out a touch so they contacted the magnets better. Easy fix. Lastly, I screwed up (complete user error doing what I had no business doing, and wiped out some of the base programing for Axiom machines, they emailed me a file with the correct data and I was up and running again in under 30 minutes.
The machine itself has produced excellent results and learning how to operate the machine and software was pretty easy to do. This had been a concern of mine but it was far easier than I had imagined.