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Axiom Pro V5 Series

Axiom Pro V5 Series

Product Review (submitted on February 7, 2021):
I want to start this off by saying thank you to the team at Axiom! I am a High School Robotics coach for all 3 major High School Robotics platforms: VEX, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC). We needed a solid CNC Router that could handle high volume and still have a high level of precision.

So, when shopping around I found that there are 3 suppliers that most FRC go with: Omio, Inventables, and Velox. With all three I could foresee some issues, the Omio would have gantry flex, and the other two would more than likely have spindle lifespan issues. So, I kept looking and found Axiom, I called and spoke with Steve who suggested that I move from the basic model to the pro model due to the intermittent high volume that the teams would have during build seasons. With a little extra grant money, I was able to upgrade and I am glad that I did. The primary reason why is the liquid cooled spindle that will ensure a long life even under the boom-bust type of production that a robotics team has during build season. We ended up getting the AR6 Pro V5 due to the extended 36” bed, which by flipping long parts gives us a total of 6 feet (more than we normally need).

I also want to mention the customer service that I have received, at every interaction they have been honest and fair. I haven’t had any problems reaching out for help and the operation of the machine has been flawless. I do wish that there was a little more information readily available online regarding operation, but after a conversation with my students we have decided to make some instructional videos soon.

Andrew Donley, MS
Biology Teacher and Robotics Coach
Osbourn Park High School
FRC 2068 “The Metal Jackets”
USMC Veteran