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Axiom Pro+ Series

Axiom Pro+ Series

Product Review (submitted on April 3, 2018):
I looked all over and I am convinced that the AR Pro + machines are the best out there in the sub 10k world. Don't be fooled by other machines that cost nearly as much but lack much of the rigidity and features of this one. True linear rails on ALL 3 axis, ball screws everywhere, and metal where it needs to be lead to a stout and smooth machine while in operation. The spindle is great, it is so quiet that if it isn't actually cutting (when the end mill is making noise) it is tough to tell if it is even running. The spindle is smooth at all speeds and easy to adjust. Coming from a Mach 3 based router the controller took a bit of adjustment, but now I really appreciate it's simplicity, and after a year of use it has never once locked up, crashed, or done anything goofy. I have ran hundreds of programs and it does exactly what I have asked of it each and every time. I would buy this thing in a minute and that is the highest recommendation I can give any tool!