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Vectric/Axiom CNC Training Class

Vectric/Axiom CNC Training Class

Product Review (submitted on August 24, 2019):
I took both the level 1 and 2 courses. There are a few people who are REALLY good at what they do...and among those, a small sliver can teach. Mr. Mezalick has that rare combination of technical expertise/experience, communication skills and complete mastery of his training materials (which he updates constantly with improved tips and techniques as both he and the program evolve). The level one course is good for anyone unfamiliar with Vcarve or Aspire. While I have used the program for a decade, there were several buttons I hadn't touched because I didn't know I needed them. The level two course is for those with a working knowledge of CNC and the software. While Michael comes prepared to fill the day, he recognizes the purpose of the class: the make the student smarter in approaching his/her challenges in CNC. His famous "there are three solutions to any problem" challenges the students to consider alternatives which inevitably lead to smarter woodworking. The students then have access to one of the most creative minds to use the Vectric software to solve individual problems. EVERY day I found myself saying "well that tidbit alone was worth the price of admission." Conducting the class in their new facility also provides a great opportunity to interact with Austin, Chad and Todd about what their machines can - and can't - do. It is IMPORTANT for level 2 that each student provide background on their experience level so Michael can emphasize specific disciplines, although he did a very good job of keeping everyone engaged. This class was an outstanding value for the money and I look forward to taking it again.