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Vectric/Axiom CNC Training Class

Vectric/Axiom CNC Training Class

Product Review (submitted on November 29, 2019):
I have been involved in this industry for almost 15 years and much of my time is dedicated to providing onsite training in Vectric software to schools throughout North America. I believed I had a very good working knowledge of the software and did not expect that I would learn much in terms of the software functionality. Wow, was I ever wrong!! I was amazed at how much I didn't know. I think sometimes we get in a "lane". We learn just what we need to to get by and, often, miss out on so much that it is capable of doing.

What was equally as impressive to me, as a software trainer, was how the diverse the audience was and how everyone seemed to get what they needed out of the course. There were novice users who were getting acclimated to the software and they seemed to be able to grasp the basics. There were more experienced users who, like me, picked up on some finer techniques.

Kudos to Michael for an outstanding job. He has clearly invested significant time in preparing a comprehensive training program and I look forward to the next opportunity I have to be a part of one of the training workshops. Having trained teachers and students for the past 10 years I can tell you that it takes a tremendous amount of preparation and attention to detail to be able to reach a diverse audience with such a range of skill levels and have all attendees benefit from the experience. Nice work Michael!

One attendee commented that it would be advantageous to get familiar with V-Carve or Aspire prior to attending Level 1 training. I could not agree more. Any basic foundational skills you can acquire prior to coming will definitely help maximize what you will get out of the workshop. I would highly recommend this course to users an almost any level. Whether you own an Axiom, a competitors machine or even if you are thinking about investing in a machine for the first time I recommend attending one of the Axiom training workshops. It will be time and money well spent.

Steve Stevenson
Co-founder of Iconic CNC and new member of the Axiom family