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Axiom STRATUS air cleaner

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Quick Overview

Axiom STRATUS is the portable and innovative workshop air filtration system that includes a stainless steel body and one canister filter with a washable pre-filter. Protect your health and enjoy a safer workshop environment.

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Got dust? The Axiom STRATUS air filtration unit is your workshop’s best friend to remove dust particles, smoke, and odors from the air all without having to mount it to the ceiling. The STRATUS' floor mounted design draws dirt and dust downward, away from your nose & mouth, as opposed to ceiling mounted air filtration units that do just the opposite. You can rely on the STRATUS' 2-stage advanced filter system that can trap particles as small as 1-micron, keeping the air in your shop safe to breathe. The Axiom STRATUS is the revolutionary shop air filtration system that finishes the job that most dust collectors only start.

What's included:

• 1 STRATUS air filtration unit.
• 1 washable pre-filter
• 1 pleated canister filter

‣ Click here to order replacement canister filters
‣ Click here to order activated charcoal insert

The Benefits:

• The STRATUS pulls dust and particles down from the work surface where it naturally wants to fall, a much more effective design to air filtration vs. ceiling-mounted units.
• Rugged polyethylene base allows your STRATUS to be anywhere in your shop, regardless of the surface type and stays put where you place it.
• Longer filter life with nearly 15x more filter media than traditional shop air filters, saving you the hassle of constant filter replacements.
• Stainless steel body will outshine the other tools in your shop and protects your STRATUS from corrosive environments.
• No ladders required. Filter replacement is a snap with the STRATUS' "twist and lift" design.


Motor 115V, 5.5A, 60 HZ
Power 240 / 335 / 495 Watts
Speed 1700 / 2000 / 2500 RPM
Performance RatingMERV 15
Air Volume940 / 1140 / 1440 m3/h
Static Pressure62 / 68 / 75 mm H2O
Sound Level (@ 10 ft.)65 / 69 / 76 db
STRATUS BodyStainless Steel
Pre-FilterNon-Woven, Washable
Canister Filter1 Micron @ 98%
Charcoal Filter (optional) Active Carbon 2-layer
Net Weight66 Lbs. / 30 KG
Gross Weight81.6 Lbs. / 37 KG
Machine Dimensions16 x 16 x 39 Inches
Shipping Dimensions18.5 x 18.5 x 41.5 Inches

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