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Vectric/Axiom CNC Training Class


Quick Overview

Worried about owning an Axiom machine and not knowing enough to unlock its full potential? These CNC Training sessions explore the 2D, 2.5D & 3D aspects of Vectric VCarve Pro and Aspire software by offering a comprehensive step by step explanation of the most used icons from the Drawing and Toolpath tabs. It also offers attendees the experience to unlock the full potential of the Axiom RichAuto pendant controller. These classes will empower you to create even the most complex projects.
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Axiom Tool Group offers a comprehensive end-user training schedule on Vectric software and our complete lineup of CNC machines. This training will occur each month at our Columbus, OH headquarters, and will provide attendees with an in-depth VCarve/Aspire 2D, 2.5D & 3D education, as well as hands-on training on their respective machines. Training is open to anyone . Customer cost for each two-day training event is $299 plus travel expenses. Upon registration, you’ll be provided with transportation and lodging information via email. Note that all classes are taught using the current public release of Vectric software. Please be sure to update to the newest release prior to attending.

BONUS: Any attendees are welcome to extend their stay and participate in an informal CNC workshop which will be held Saturday morning.

Level 1 - Basic Class

• Introduction to 3D, including the placement and cutting of single and multiple models will be shown, using already existing 3D ClipArt from the VCarve and Aspire gallery.
• You'll learn tips and tricks to get you thinking about projects from a different vantage point.
• Please bring your laptop and a working copy of Vectric VCarve or Aspire Version 9 software to follow along with the process.

Day 1: Vectric 2D & 2.5D Vector Design and Import
The morning session covers the File Operation, 2D View Control, Create Vectors and Text tools using a step by step approach. The second session covers the Transform, Edit and Align Objects tools. Options, tips and techniques for each are covered, with extra attention being paid to Node Editing.

The afternoon session finishes up with the Offset and Layout Tools, then progresses into material Setup and Toolpath operations. Again, this is an icon by icon look at all but the most advanced toolpath operations. The afternoon finishes up with Toolpath Editing tools and proper file save and transfer procedures, along with a review of covered materials, user questions and examples.

Day 2: Introduction to 3D & Axiom CNC Basics
The morning session shows how to place 3D clip art and 3D models into a material block and position for proper cutting. Use of multiple models and combining 3D models with 2D vectors for 2D and 2.5D cutting are also shown. The last part of this session explains the various modeling tools in the Aspire software and how each is used to develop custom models, modify existing models and how to edit and combine existing models into larger or smaller components

You’ll also be presented with many of the day to day items you will run across in your CNC journey in an understandable way. Bits and the differences between them, chipload, feeds and speeds and how to get them correct for your machine. Various hold down methods will also be looked at. We'll then put our new knowledge to work as we create sample projects in the Axiom Test Drive Center.

Level 2 - Intermediate Class

"Level 2" of the CNC / Vectric Training will explore more of the advanced processes of VCarve and will allow the attendees to expand their ability to use both VCarve and Aspire in a more effective manner. The true strength of the Vectric program becomes apparent when you learn to create challenging projects.

This class , Level 2, will open the doors to some new approaches and to offer new insights of old beliefs.

We do request that you would have attended a Level 1 class before taking this exciting, yet challenging intermediate session. (If you feel you are at a level beyond beginner and would like to attend level 2 without the prerequisite, simply drop us an email with some of your more recent project for us to review).

Topics to be included:
• Advanced VCarve Techniques
• Rotary / 4th axis basics
• Stacked Text
• Exploring the possibilities of the "Molding Toolpath" in both flat work and rotary work
• Textured Wall Panels
• Beginning Aspire 3-D Modeling
• Two rail sweep, the traditional and non traditional approaches
• Extrude and Weave patterns.
• And the ultimate jpeg to 3-D model process.

Meet The Instructors

Michael Mezalick
Historical restoration specialist, Stained glass artisan, and Beta Tester for the Vectric software company.

Michael began his CNC journey in 2008 when he needed a custom molding piece for a project. This simple need immediately sparked a lifelong interest in 3-D modeling and CNC. Over the years that followed, Michael devoted countless hours to learning and mastering Vectric’s 3-D software and in the process became an internationally recognized 3-D modeler with clients around the world. Read more here

A short list of Michael's work and credentials:

Gary Campbell
Cabinetmaker, CNC Designer, Trainer.

Gary started his woodworking carrier in the mid 70's as apprentice under a master cabinetmaker. In 2004 Gary began working with CNC machines and eventually used CNC technology almost exclusively in his cabinetry.
After 35+ years in woodworking, Gary secured a position with a large CNC manufacturer. There he worked in research and development, and managed production of CNC machines.
During this time, Gary realized that one of the things he loved most, was training operators in the use of CNC machines. Gary brings this lifelong woodworking experience to Axiom Tool Group as he trains operators on the use of Vectric software.

Customer Reviews

This is the Harvard, Yale, and Princeton of Vectric Training. If you want to flatten the proverbial learning curve then this is the path to follow. Michael Mezalick is one of the best. The best way to pay for your machine is to use it and without the knowledge(programinng)it is just a piece of steel, motors, and aluminum. I have had both level 1 & 2 and know that I would not be where I am without the benefit of these courses. Also unlike Harvard etc, the cost is ridiculous in the context of cost/benefit, you almost feel guilty that you only had to pay $300. If you are seriously considering one of these type machines, attendance at these training seminars should be part and parcel of your budget. (Posted on 2/2/2018)
Great opportunity, Limited Time Review by Chris K
To start I would say this course is worth it, regardless of your level of expertise. The challenge with the course is that the Vcarve & Aspire programs offer an incredible amount of possibilities. Most people will only ever use 20-30% of the available functionality, however not everyone is using the same 20-30%. It is conceiveable that at any given time during the course a percentage of the attendees will be hearing things that have no application for them. As this curriculum evolves I can see it getting more specialized and focused on specific areas so that prospective attendees can have an opportunity to dive deeper into specific topics, and work through a number of examples. Having said all that, Mike Mezalic brings a wealth of knowledge to the class and is a tremendous resource. Additionally, having a chance to meet and work with the Axiom team - Todd, Chad, Austin & Nick - was a great benefit. Each of them spent as much time as needed to demonstrate the equipment, offer tips & tricks and answer a myriad of questions. In order to get the most out of this course, I think the ideal attendee should have some CNC time under their belt (preferably with an Axiom unit and Vcarve/Aspire) in order to show up with some specific application questions. (Posted on 8/28/2017)

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