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Vectric Axiom Online Class

Our online training is divided into three separate sections so you can learn at your own pace. Starting with the very basics of Vectric software, this lesson plan will move you forward faster than learning it through trial and error. Our approach is to offer you an intimate learning experience, not unlike being in the actual classroom. We include detailed visual explanation of the software and its icons, as well as actual projects you can produce on your own machine. These projects have been specifically designed to give you real-world experience and have products that can be manufactured and sold. All video modules are available for you to watch on-demand for 30 days from the time of purchase and may be viewed as many times as you’d like within the 30 day enrollment period. As with the in-person classes, a PC with Vectric VCarve or Aspire software installed are recommended to get the most benefit out of the class.

Introductory Level $199

In this first of three video series, you’ll gain the necessary knowledge to draw, toolpath and create your first project. You’ll practice launching your Vectric software and setting up your project (be it a single sided, double sided, or rotary project). We’ll discuss when to choose the Z-zero to your material surface or your machine bed. You'll learn what vectors are, their importance in the software and how the draw them. A review of keyboard shortcuts is also included. You'll create text and learn how to develop the necessary toolpath to cut it out, and we’ll explore the tool database where your bit selection is made. Other useful procedures, such as the use of text on a curve and the stacked text techniques are thoroughly explained. You’ll enjoy exploring the ever-popular Photo-VCarve toolpath which is now included within VCarve and Aspire software. We conclude this first video with a thorough explanation of the Axiom machines and an overview of the RichAuto pendant DSP controller. Each video chapter includes a PDF document for you to reference while watching the lesson.

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Intermediate Level $299

The Axiom Intermediate level of training continues with even more insights into Vectric software. We provide several more custom designed projects for you to work through to gain valuable knowledge and experience when you feel ready to move forward. Topics covered include the use of the alignment tool, creating a sign with the Inlay technique and the tiling toolpath. We provide an introduction to 3D modeling as well as the two-sided cutting option within VCarve and Aspire software. Each video chapter includes a PDF document for you to reference while watching the lesson.

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Advanced Level $399

Our final series of episodes puts the finishing touches on many of the most requested concepts and projects with Vectric software and the Axiom CNC machines. You’ll gain the confidence to create your own 3D models as you develop several custom designed projects with your new-found mastery of your software. We also explore the use of the 4th-axis Rotary Kit to round off your Vectric and Axiom CNC training. Working thru each of the episodes will increase your overall knowledge of the software and machine to allow you to step out on your own to be as creative as your imagination can be. Each video chapter includes a PDF document for you to reference while watching the lesson.

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